Current Status Of Women Entrepreneurs

1 Australia Australian women's labour force participation has increased slightly over the past decade (from 62 per cent to 65 per cent of the population aged 20-74 years)... Download
2 Brunei he Global Gender Gap Report 2017 benchmarks 144 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four thematic dimensions... Download
3 Canada In Canada, female entrepreneurs are thought to be a relatively untapped resource for economic growth... Download
4 Chile In 2015, around 20% of tertiary graduates in Chile especialised in natural sciences, engineering and ICTs; women represented 18% of the graduated in these fields (OECD average 31%)... Download
5 China In the statements of “women entrepreneurs” and “women startups”, some feminists showed their objection to such additional attention, they refused to label gender because the concept of women was highlighted... Download
6 Hong Kong Unfortunately, since neither the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department nor the Census and Statistics Department currently provide official reporting or statistics specifically on entrepreneurs... Download
7 Indonesia Growth and development of SMEs are proven to contribute benefits and enormous contributions to the economy of the country... Download
8 Japan Much like ICT, entrepreneurship is also seen as a driver of economic growth (Minniti, 2010; Futagami and Helms, 2017)... Download
9 Korea According to the data of the National Statistical Office (NSO) in 2014, there are 1,378,000 women entrepreneurs in Korea, which accounts for 38.9% of all enterprises... Download
10 Malaysia Based on the 2011 statistics of the Small and Medium Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia), there were 645,136 SMEs in Malaysia... Download
11 Mexico Although women graduate more than men from undergraduate and graduate studies and are half of the global talent... Download
12 New Zealand The number of women entrepreneurs in New Zealand closely follows global trends, with men making up a significantly larger proportion in startups, small and growing businesses, and growth-oriented entrepreneurship in general... Download
13 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea is a country culturally rich and diverse with a population of over 8 million people... Download
14 Peru In the 90s, when Peru endured a hyperinflation and lived in chaos because of terrorism, people from its different provinces moved to the capital in pursuit of safety and opportunities to improve... Download
15 Philippines In the 2015 recorded data of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), there are about 900,914 enterprises established in the country, where about 896,839 or 99.5% are categorized as micro... Download
16 Russia The sector of Small and medium enterprises in Russia represents 21 per cent of GDP. The Russian Small Business Index (RSBI)... Download
17 Singapore Being an urbanised country with an area of 719.2 sq km and 5.61 million total population... Download
18 Chinese Taipei In Chinese Taipei, women-owned businesses make up 36% of the total number... Download
19 Tailand This overview findings are from 1) the relevant contents studies from policy to other studies, and 2) from the 10 women entrepreneur leaders from five regions of Thailand (North, Northeast, Central, South, and East)... Download
20 USA In the post-2008 US economy, entrepreneurs are regarded as one of the most important contributors to new wealth and new jobs (Cohoon, Wadhwa and Mitchell, 2010)... Download
21 Viet Nam Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are vital to Vietnam’s economic growth, accounting for more than 98% of all business, 40% of GDP, and 50% of total employment... Download