Current Status Of The ICT Sector

1 Australia Australia stands at the precipice between growth cycles. Behind us are the glory days of its traditional economic strengths based on mining, traditional manufacturing and farming... Download
2 Brunei This report is the first of a three-part project entitled “Women's Economic Empowerment and ICT: Capacity Building for APEC Women Entrepreneurs in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution”... Download
3 Canada As the information, communication and technology (ICT) sector continues to grow and expand around the world... Download
4 Chile Chile has a population close to 18 million, 89 percent urban, population growth rate less than one percent and life expectancy is 80 years... Download
5 China The Policy System Has Been AcceleratedAnd The Industrial Scale Has Been Rapidly Growing Innovation and industrial development of smart technology are highly valued in China... Download
6 Hong Kong The overall purpose of this research case study is to help inform policymakers and female business owners from APEC economies of current entrepreneurial trends... Download
7 Indonesia Indonesia is one of a developing technological society. This is reflected by the government act to provide and distribute more Internet access to Indonesia... Download
8 Japan As previously stated, the overall purpose of this research study is to help inform female business owners from APEC economies of current entrepreneurial trends pertaining to the 4th Industrial Revolution... Download
9 Korea Recent technology has developed to a level that it can carry out even some intellectual judgment as well as human physical labor with minimized human intervention... Download
10 Malaysia The digital revolution of a country is no longer an option but a much-needed necessity when it comes to uplifting a nation... Download
11 Mexico The present research paper has the purpose of providing light about the obstacles, success factors and other relevant circumstances that may have an impact on women entrepreneurs in Mexico... Download
12 New Zealand The information and communications technology sector in New Zealand is growing at a rapid rate. ICT service and software exports have doubled from 2008 to 2014 (The Ministry of Business, 2017)... Download
13 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea is a country culturally rich and diverse with a population of over 8 million people and with over 800 languages and is the largest island nation in the South Pacific... Download
14 Peru The Republic of Peru covers 1,285,216 Km² of western South America and is the world’s 19th biggest country.... Download
15 Philippines By technical definition, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) refers to all technology designed for the purpose of creating, manipulating, storing, managing, sending... Download
16 Russia Modern communication technology LTE allows to have access to the modern services more than 70% of Russian citizens. According to the plans this figure will be increased to 97% to 2024... Download
17 Singapore Being an urbanised country with an area of 719.2 sq km and 5.61 million total population (as at June 2016)... Download
18 Chinese Taipei The development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is extensively and profoundly affecting every single facet of the society... Download
19 Tailand Smart Thailand is part of the national ICT framework called ‘ICT2020’: a development blueprint for the country that will lead and guide all parts of the economy... Download
20 USA The overall purpose of this research study is to help inform women entrepreneurs from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)... Download
21 Viet Nam ICT industry in Vietnam began to develop in the 1990s; it focused on 3 main fields including hardware, software and digital content... Download